For 14 years the people of the 98th Texas House district allowed me the privilege to represent their interests in Austin. I am extremely grateful and honored
for having had that privilege. During that time, I was entrusted with
the future of our beloved Texas. My service was performed with deep love and care for my home area and the long-term well being of our state.
I can truly say that we (my staff and I) worked hard to be of service and try to prepare the state for the challenges of the future.

I pray that our current and future leaders hold fast to the ideals
that set our great state of Texas apart from all others. I want my grandchildren and yours, and their children and grandchildren who come after them
to take pride in our state and prosper here.

It is with the deepest respect and appreciation for each of you that I say, "farewell." Thank you very much for the privilege of allowing me to serve you.
May God bless you and yours, and may God bless Texas.

Vicki Truitt
State Representative
District 98

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