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Over the garage door storage – The move when doing this project we have taken the notice that less is no doubt more in the house. Even so, that doesn’t mean we have throw anything away it does mean that we are not going to be cluttering the house with this and that and this and that. That’s the plan anyway.

Posted on November 16, 2017 Garage Storage

But we know that life is happening faster than we realize and we all tend to collect more assets than is necessary so this is my attempt to prepare for the future. Adding over the garage door storage is a cool way to maximize some otherwise wasted space. And the addition of this much storage space defer need for a storage for the typical outdoor.

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To start make over the garage door storage we found the right distance from the front wall in the garage to guarantee the roof beam. And cut two sheets of ¾ inch Advantech floor around the depth of my shelf. The span ended up being 36 inch deep. This flooring material is almost bulletproof (figuratively speaking) and will end only with a 29-inch support so we doubt whether sag many. Even if it does we can always brace it at a later date.

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