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Collapsible stairs – Disappearing stairs is a series of collapsible stair and step products. They fold into an opening in a roof and open to create a staircase. Homeowners use most often disappear stairs as access points for a breeze. Install disappearance stairs poses several challenges, but also has benefits for homeowners. Install disappearance stairs offers a fast and secure access to an attic, attic or top floor. Unlike permanent stairs, they consume less space when not in use and is easier and cheaper to build and install.

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Selecting the this collapsible stairs are an important part of the planning process. The best place to disappear stairs directly between two beams for maximum support. Different types of disappearing stairs have different widths and necessary clearance. Carefully measure the space under the stairs to make sure you have enough space to open the stairs safely when installed.

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Install disappearance stairs can be a dangerous task without the proper equipment and knowledge. Cutting the roof is only safe when you know the position of electrical wiring and ductwork. Standing on a ladder while raising collapsible stairs in place may require more workers. Incorrect installation can cause the stairs to fall unexpectedly or prevent them from bearing the weight of a user, leading to a decline.

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