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Steel spiral staircase  – The lack of space is a common problem that is presented in modern designs, needs are simplified and spaces are adapted to these. Creating spaces smaller but at the same time functional and comfortable to live well. This quality has made architects and designers ingeniárselas to solve different types of problems within the design. Such as: vertical circulation. Stairs are elements that occupy considerable space within any project. So a practical and compact solution is necessary to achieve a functional and stylish design.

Posted on December 29, 2017 Stairs

Following in the footsteps of our ancestors, steel spiral staircases have had a lot of presence in modern designs thanks to the new technologies and the infinity of materials and ways to create them. Although its origin is millennial, finding them in castles and medieval churches. These stairs have adapted with the passage of time to the new tendencies of each century.

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The steel is the malleable material par excellence, can be present in an endless number of shapes and finishes, adapt to any style and therefore, any shape and design. Steel ladders have been evolving over time; Steel has always been the first choice to make this type of curved and propeller designs. Creating elegant and slender shapes is easy to recreate using steel. Whether in detail or complete, the steel spiral staircases made of steel are timelessl. Such as glass steps for a more futuristic touch as suggested by the designers of the Nord Scale firm  .

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