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Custom island kitchen – The kitchen is the ideal space to satisfy the art of good eating. The taste for achieving the pleasure of the palate needs a harmonious environment with good aesthetics. Caring for the design of this place, will allow the elaboration of food along with its conservation and geographical location. Maintain a linear order of great visual appeal.

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Having an extension, or in most cases, with a surface in the center in the interior design of the kitchen, will allow certain benefits. Increase the functionality and efficiency in the use of space and second, as visual anchor of solid investment. Recommended in U-shaped or L-shaped kitchens, custom island kitchen is ideal for this as they work for different purposes. Practical elements that offer touches contemporary to the design that we want to implement. Also serve as storage extensions or as eating tables, are accessible from all angles of the kitchen. And then, do not represent an obstacle for those who move through it.

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The objective is to make each corner a functional space. For this reason in most kitchens that own an custom island kitchen. Then, to take advantage of the capacity of this area. The islands should have enough space in the center of the kitchen to add additional seats or furniture. In this case, we recommend large kitchens, larger than twenty square meters.

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