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Kitchen backsplash tile design ideas stone is possibly the most versatile interior design element in your home. The wide range of colors, sizes, styles and materials that make up decorative tile lines can actually be overwhelming. But there is a tile to suit any room. The backsplash is an excellent place to get creative with tiles. Because the small size of the area means you can splurge on a luxury tile and backsplash highly visible location makes it the ideal place for a focal point.

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Kitchen backsplash tile design ideas, the network layout refers to tiles that are install in straight rows without overlapping. Squared installed side by side forming a grid, but try experimenting with rectangular subway tiles. Installed in a horizontal grid, these visually elongated space, but is installed in a vertical grid, they will emphasize height.

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Then, imagine a grid where each second row moved halfway to one side. Make the edge of a tile coincide with the center of those above and below it. This is staggered pattern. It adds a bit of movement to the kitchen backsplash tile design ideas area, and if used with hewn stone tiles, creates a lovely patchwork effect. Installation square tiles on the diagonal gives you a diamond pattern that can make the room look more dynamic. Rectangular tiles can also be installed diagonally, but their odd pages require more planning and measurement in advance.

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