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Non skid stair treads – Avoid accidents at home by placing anti-slip systems on stairs. We show you how to place non-slip strips step by step at the edges of the stairs. In DIY, much of the task is to make sure that we take the necessary precautions to make our projects and our home safe. That is why anti – slip systems are important, since many domestic accidents are due to slips in bathtubs or stairs.

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There are several types of non skid stair treads; you can find those already cut for steps, or roll, also in place of oval strips and even strips with the caution signal. Choose the one that suits your ladder best. A surface can look very nice but it carries a risk of slipping. They are highly recommended for swimming pools, kitchens, clinics, changing rooms, saunas, supermarkets, banks, buildings and places whose floors are really dangerous.

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There are several products that offer non skid stair treads function for floors, stairs, and ramps. Non- skid tapes have been design for areas where there is high traffic. They are use on smooth surfaces such as marble, granite, vinyl floors, woods, cement, etc. Then they are resistant in areas where there are fats, oils or other chemicals. They consist of a base of a strong epoxy adhesive and a surface of hard mineral particles.  They are apply easily, without damaging the support surface.

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