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Black Kitchen Island with granite top – You really want granite counters, but you intimidated by the high price of granite slabs. Granite is a naturally beautiful and durable surface, perfect for almost any kitchen design. Granite tiles are a great alternative to expensive granite slabs. You can find granite tiles in all the same colors as the plates. Granite installation almost always hires a contractor. Plates, on the other hand, are relatively simple to install. The plates are also much cheaper than their flat counterparts.

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How to install black kitchen island with granite top, measure counters and cut 3/4-inch plywood to match the dimensions. Leave an inch of overhang all the way around the counters. Set the plywood on top of the counters. Install cement backer board on top of the plywood. Cut the board to the same dimensions as the plywood top. Score board with a hard metal point scoring tool and quirky with both hands.

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Then to install black kitchen island with granite top, install cement board on the plywood by driving 3-inch deck screws through the cement board and into the plywood. Then place each sink or other device on top of templates backer board. Measure the front and side edges of the disk where you will install a granite edge. And then cut granite tile with a wet saw to match these measurements. Spread thin-set mortar along the edge of the disk with a trowel. Place the cut tiles into the adhesive.  Spread mortar over the top of the counter with a trowel.

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