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King Size Wooden Storage Bed – People have been using them under their beds as storage space for years. Building drawers below can provide not only storage space but can replace a part of your closet or chest of drawers. This can be creating more space in your home and bedroom area. With some patience and accurate measurement, you can create a basic frame for your mattress, as well as a collection of organized drawers.

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Remove your mattress from the king size wooden storage bed frame. Measure the bed frame to know what steps you need to create your storage drawers and bed frame. Remember, the motherboard should be about an inch and a half larger than the mattress so the drawers are accessible. Add the extra inches for this. Remove the current frame from the bed and keep it aside if more measurements are needing. Later, this can be donated or alienated obtain the drawer boxes first. For Queen and king size beds, six drawers are best for good space. This way, there will be three drawers on each side.

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The easiest way to find them is to take them from another piece of furniture that you do not want to use anymore. If this is not an option, you can do it yourself. The measurements of your drawers will depend on your king size wooden storage bed size. Use four pieces of wooden planks for the sides, two smaller for the front and back and slightly larger for the sides two boards.

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