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How To Change A Metal Exterior Railings For Stairways– Many external stairs consists of poured concrete, making them both functional and robust. Railings for these steps are often wrought iron, which adheres firmly to the stairs with special masonry hardware. If your metal railing has deteriorated or corroded, replace it is the best option. Replacing a metal railing requires that you remove the old rack before installing the new one. Remove the old hardware is often a challenge, because the anchors are usually buried deep in the concrete.

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Check the bottom of the metal exterior railings where it attaches to the concrete and locate the screws that hold it down. Remove the screws, using a drill. Lift the metal railing of the way. Remove any remaining metal support posts in concrete steps by cutting them off flush with the concrete. Put on protective eye wear and inserting a cutting blade of a reciprocating saw. Keeps the blade attached to the top of the stairs and cut parallel to it until the support posts loosen. Look at the top of the concrete steps to determine if rust stains are present. If rust there, brush your powerful concrete with a wire brush until they disappear.

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Insert the new exterior railings on top of the concrete stairs 2 inches from the side edge. Place the rack on the previous hole to hide them, if possible. However, make sure the screw holes on the railing of solid concrete. Mark each screw hole with a pencil and enter the railing aside. Put some 1/4-inch-diameter masonry drill and create a 1-5 / 8-inch-deep hole in each marked spot. Place the new metal railing back into place and also insert a corrosion resistant masonry screws into each screw hole on the rack, using a drill. Attach the wall brackets to the home of more corrosion resistant masonry screws or wood screws if it is not brick or stone. Open a tub of concrete patching compound if some old holes left. Scoop out some of the patching compound with a trowel and spread it over the hole to fill them.

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