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Chalkboard paint kitchen backsplash – Whether you are looking for a place to track day-to-day events or a place for your young children to play with, creating a blackboard with slate paint in your kitchen can give you the space you need. Slate Painting is a flat specialty paint that can be use to paint just about anything. Like a regular whiteboard, slate paint allows you to write on it with chalk and then erase it.

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Make art, write notes, doodle – you can do all this and more by chalkboard paint kitchen backsplash. When you apply a layer of this paint, you transform the wall into a real slate. You can write it on the wall as you would a standard blackboard in a classroom. There are a variety of ways to incorporate slate paint into your kitchen. Be creative with your painting.

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If you have wooden countertops, then transform them into a side slate by applying slate paint. You can keep a chalkboard paint kitchen backsplash colored container on the counter for easy access. The slate countertop can be easily cleaned with an eraser or a soft, damp cloth. You can write shopping lists, appointments and any other information about the cover quickly. You can even leave a special message for a family member – like a happy birthday message – and nestle a cake covered by a glass dome next to it.

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