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Chemical storage cabinets – Not everyone can afford to replace the cabinets in their house when they begin to look worn. Replacing your cabinets is often desirable because match the room design can be difficult. Painting cabinets is a cost effective method is a weekend DIY project. However, there are some preparatory steps involved in painting your chemical storage cabinets properly, which can be a bit time consuming. Reserves the better part of the weekend for the project and prepare a little help if possible.

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Remove cabinet doors with a screwdriver to remove the hinges. Unscrew the hinges and other hardware from the doors. Pull out the drawers of your cupboard too. Remove paint from doors and cabinet face using a chemical stripper, applied with a cloth. Choose a chemical stripper suitable for color or finish already on the cabinet.

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Sand the chemical storage cabinets lightly with 150-to 180-grit sandpaper to slightly rough surface and remove any remnants of the old finish. This prevents the bond issues with the new color. Fill all small holes or dents in the woodwork with a non-shrinking filling wood putty. Apply the filler with a spatula and let it dry. Sand the putty with 150- to 180-grit sandpaper to make it smooth.

Apply a base primer to bare wood. Underbody primers are available at most hardware stores. It fills minor imperfections in the wood and makes the surface smooth. Paint it with the grain using a primer brush. Lightly sand the primer with 150 or 180-grit sandpaper to remove any roughness from dust. Applying color to the dried primer with a brush. Use an oil brush for oil-based paints (a natural bristle brush) and a synthetic bristle brush for latex paints.

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