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Trex stair treads – Steps that are colored will add both beauty and strength. The toughness is convenient, especially in an area like a basement setting, where the air is moist and the timber is prone to warping. The beauty aspect can be applied to any step when you want a beautiful finished look. Dyeing step done before or after they put in place for either situation the same procedure.

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Sand down the Trex stair treads with a belt sander and 100-grit belt, or use regular sandpaper. They need not glass smooth, just sanded down enough to remove all the bumps, lumps and other defects. Apply a sealer sanding with a brush on hardwood stairs. Brush it with the grain. Pine, spruce and cedar are all conifers, and sanding sealer will fill the wood pores to eliminate blotchy appearance areas.

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Shake your can of paint and apply evenly with a brush. Brush it with the grain of the wood, and use a cloth to wipe away any excess. Let dry overnight. For darker colored Trex stair treads, add another coat of stain when the first coat has dried. Apply a coat of polyurethane next. Shake the can and then use a brush to brush it away, with the grain. Let this dry overnight and then apply another coat.

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