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Curtain valances for kitchen – Kitchen Hoods can made of a combination of materials, you may already have at home. Capes can be functional in design. Or also merely decorative in style fits your kitchen. Par kitchen hoods with an additional bottom tier or leave them alone if the window privacy is not a concern. However, kitchen curtain valances can make your room more beautiful.

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Use the simple solution to create a curtain valances for kitchen that can easily customized to get the desired result. Secure large cup hooks near both ends of the window frame. And then insert a wooden dowel in the corners. Hang standard S hooks onto a dowel and interchange goods hanging from S-hooks such as kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, old enamel drinkers, and even cutting boards or silicone mats. Hiring any tool with a hole in the handle of this space-saving kitchen valance.

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If you prefer a touch of fun way in a room, you can enjoy a curtain valances for kitchen consists entirely of wood rice paddles. Oriental food stores are a great place to look for kitchen valance materials. Find cheap rice paddles with holes already in the handle, or just drill a hole for hanging and connecting tools. Try one two-toned look by staining semi rice paddles in rich, warm color, such as mahogany. End all wooden paddles with a protective layer of semi-gloss, water-based polyurethane.

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