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Under stairs closet – Open area under the stair room adds a sense of spaciousness and the entrance area gives you more space to put the practical use of space to. The same applies to open the stairs to the rooms creates a visually attractive niche, framed by a staircase, if you have a large enough space and a lot of books and magazines, what about creating a mini library? The wall line under the stairs with adjustable shelves is a good idea, allowing you to vary and change the space to keep all sizes of books and magazines. The paint shelves to match the socket and other impressions give the space the integrate feeling. Use hidden or angled spotlights on the floor lamp to illuminate the books as well as provide reading light. If space permits, add a comfortable chair, look into the room or the lobby. The stairs often protect the basement from the concept, making it a comfortable place to sit and browse the books.

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You don’t need a lot of room for a compact under stairs closet home office. Install the desk or work surface equipped with roll-up cabinets or stacks of baskets underneath. Secure the wall shelf on top of the table and add the swivel on the wheels. Provide phone jack and power output for electronic equipment. Versatile office machine, such as a combination of phone, fax and voicemail, enter some very small spaces. Good lighting is essential, especially if you sit with your back to a natural light source. Wall Bracket lighting can be more practical than table lamp, which picked up some valuable, but limited space, on the surface of your work.

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Set up a private telephone area under stairs closet. All you need is a phone and a phone jack, comfortable armchairs and a desk phone-use one with shelves or drawers under the message pads, pens and phone book. The lower parts of the stairs are equip with shelves ideal for displaying a collection of interesting objects, such as glass or China. Put an open shelf or place valuable collections behind the glass. It is also a good place to show a collection of watercolors, fine tailoring or fabric, as they are usually protected from harmful exposure to direct sunlight.

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