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Plans for garage storage – The first decorative plans for garage storage is pegboard idea. Cover an entire section on the wall of your garage with a pegboard. Buyer different size baskets and hooks to hang supplies on pegboard. Pegboards are cheap and provide a perfect storage solution. A pegboard allows you to organize your tools such as brooms, garden tools and hand tools.

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For hanging items with handles on your pegboard, insert two hooks evenly apart and putting your tool across hooks. This solution works well for hand tools such as hammers. For the second cheap plans for garage storage is jars. The process is recycling your plastic and glass. There is no need to spend money on fancy jars and containers when you can recycle things you and your family use on a daily basis. Any type of jar can work, including containers, peanut butter, mayonnaise containers, float glass and baby food jars.

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Remember to keep a lid. The process of this plans for garage storage  is by washing jars and dries thoroughly after use. Store the jars in a designated place or shelf in your garage. Fill your jars with nails, odds and ends of supplies and other small items. Label the containers with stickers for easy content identification. You can nail the lid on the underside of a horizontally placed 2 x 4 board. And unscrew jars in them to keep them in order.

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