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Circular stairs – A staircase serves a functional purpose in a home layout, which provides access from one floor to another, but it can also add a decorative element to a room or hall. There are several steps styles and designs, ranging from simple and elegant. In the right style, your staircase will be the focus of a space rather than a purely utilitarian structure.

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While similar in appearance, is a circular stairs not the same as a spiral design. As a spiral staircase, it centered on the radius of a circle, but there is no center pole to the treads is attached; instead the entire staircase curves around the center point. A circular staircase has a grand appearance, so it works well with formal furnishings. This design can be changed by basing the shape of tangent arcs so the staircase curves from the center, creating a meandering appearance.

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Wood Circular StairsSize: 600 x 809

Unique Circular StairsSize: 988 x 718

Short Circular StairsSize: 735 x 980

Rustic Circular StairsSize: 748 x 1000

Glass Circular StairsSize: 600 x 707

Circular Stairs WoodenSize: 600 x 899

Circular Stairs WoodSize: 800 x 800

Circular Stairs SteelSize: 803 x 980

Circular Stairs OfficeSize: 949 x 979

Circular Stairs DesignSize: 1024 x 768

Amazing Circular StairsSize: 1024 x 683

Circular Stairs WoodenSize: 600 x 899

The circular stairs is different from a spiral staircase in that it is all connected to a vertical rod. These stairs are usually much wider than the spiral staircases and often run along the side of a curved wall. The purpose of this sweeping design of the stairs is usually for aesthetic value. An alternative to the circular staircase is “L” shaped design, which is a standard straight staircase with a landing about halfway or two thirds down, at which point the remaining staircase continues to the right or left.

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