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Design Prefab Stairs Wood – Wooden Prefabricate stairs are glue and bolt together and is thus made safer and comfortable for use. All the parts are fix as a single unit and these parts don’t even squawk or rattle ant nay point of their use. As they compartments are held tight and are ready to use. The staircase can be brought in the form of a final finish model. Or it can also be brought to the location in the form of parts and can be assemble together.

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The circular prefab stairs has a choice of rotation of the stairs, which means the spiral section can be either clockwise rotating. Or also can be counter clockwise rotating. This can be judge by a simple method in which the person stands at the bottom of the staircase. And also the handrail is on your left than the stairs is spiraling in a clockwise direction. If the handrail is on the right hand side while the person is standing at the bottom of the staircase. Than the stairs are spiral in a counter clockwise direction.

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The prefab stairs are curve or straight and is made in sync with the staircase stairwell. The balusters also known as the pickets are maximum four inches apart as they the safety for the small children’s is very important. Another important part of the prefab stairs is a scroll shape element. This is put at the beginning of the railing and is known as volute. It is a decorative starter of the railing and is at the bottom of the staircase. And is use to provide the beauty and strength to the staircase.

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