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Paver Stairs – Creating stairs with paving stones is a difficult project. The stability is create a surface of concrete blocks place on the floor that can yield with the time. The pavers are stuck to the concrete blocks with mortar in the same way as putting out the brick. The hard aspect of the project is to dimension the measurements to fit properly under the structure or door without extending too much. A substantial amount of planning and preparation is need to ensure that a stable structure is create.

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Dig a 3-inch hole for the area that will house the paver stairs. Compact the ground with a hand grip, a long pole with a heavy flat base and two handles on the side, or mechanical sabotage available for most hardware stores. Lift a tower of concrete blocks at the base of the door or structure connecting with the stairs. Concrete blocks should be below the level of the structure by the height of the paver plus 1 1/4 inch. Measure the distance with a tape measure between the top of the block tower and the base of the structure.

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Dig the hole as deep as necessary to get the proper height. Repeat step 2 to verify that the height paver stairs is correct. Pour a 1-inch crushed gravel base. Compact the gravel with the tamper. Check the level of the gravel to ensure the surface is flat, smooth and level from side to side and from front to back.

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