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Stairway Treads – One of the most common questions of the thread is: “Is your ladder stepping on solid ground or plated?”. Tread ladders are generally sold as solid or “engineer” laminate products. The most common staircase is the glue-laminate product. These are three, four laminates, usually 1 “thick. The laminate layer is define as” the bonding of two members with an adhesive. That forms a close connection without the delaminating seen on the line of application.

Posted on January 16, 2018 Stairs

However, in today’s market that does not apply as people have begun. To ask for colors, variations, even knots in the products they send. The reason for the glue lamination process is to create a product that will not spin or curve over time. Stairway treads are 5/4 F.A.S. Or select a class material, adhesive. Then down to 1 “thickness Most manufacturers or stocks 36”, 42 “, 48”, 54 “, 60, and 72” staircases.

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Beyond the fact that this is an import, the plus side is the fact. That stairway treads engineer is superior to the modern made-made American laminated thread. With laminate involved, engineering meets AWI standards for glue laminates and then, presents builders and homes.


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