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Fire rated storage cabinets – If all documents are manage in a business is lost during a fire. It means bigger problem than many people might think.  Although we primarily work with computers so handled documents in most. In some places, in most organizations today. 10-20 years ago, the amount of documents much larger. And thus more difficult to protect, as it would require many fireproof cabinets to protect everything.

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Today, when the volume of documents has been reduce. It is easier to identify the persons and functions that must be secure. Along with the new generations fire rated storage cabinets with smaller external dimensions, lighter structures . And more office custom design. Today we can therefore easily replace a bookshelf or office cabinets with a fire-resistant cabinet. But our approach needs to change.

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How long does a resistant fire rated storage cabinets? There is no clear answer to that question. But if the cabinet is more than 20-25 years. It has probably run its course. Certainly, a senior cabinet handle a fire, too, but as with anything that is changing the insulation material. And the protection deteriorates, which makes it impossible to say that a 30 year old cupboard handle a fire with the security of a 5 years old!

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