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Open riser stairs – It is an enclosure intended exclusively for circulation. And compartmentalization of the rest of the building by EI 120 separating elements. If it has facades, they must comply with the conditions laid down in Section 1 of Section DB SI 2 to limit the risk of external transmission. Of the fire from other areas of the building or other buildings. At the exit floor of the building protected or specially protect staircases for upward evacuation may lack compartmentalization. Foreseen for downward evacuation may lack compartmentalization when it is a minimum risk sector.

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Then, enclosure has at most two accesses in each floor. They are realize through doors EI2 60-C5 and from common circulation spaces and without own occupation. In addition to these accesses. They can open to the enclosure of the protected open riser stairs. As well as the elevators, as long as the doors of the latter open. In all their plants, to the enclosure of the considered protect staircase or to an entrance hall of independence.

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At the departure floor of the building, the length of the journey from the exit door of the open riser stairs . Or, failing that, from the landing of the stairway to a building exit shall not exceed 15 m. It is carried out by a sector of minimum risk. In which case that limit is the one that generally establishes for any origin of evacuation of said sector.

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