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Exterior stair railings – Handrails provide a level of safety for all outdoor stairs. You must select the decay-resistant wood for your exterior stair railing, so it can withstand the test of time, wear and outdoor weather. Anyone with a little construction know-how should be able to implement such a handrail project. Relies on two 4 x 4 posts to the stairs stringer using hex bolts. Check with a bar level to ensure that they are installed right. Allow posts to extend about 36 inches above the treads of your stairs. Measuring the distance between the posts and including speech this measurement is equal to the length your hand rail timber should be.

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Exterior stair railings style. Trim the top of the posts for a 45-degree angle pointing down so that the angle corresponds to your stairs slope. Inserts your two handrail pieces. They should be the same length as the distance between the two positions and including positions. Stitch the top of the handrail with its widest part down at the top of the posts.

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Nail handrail to the outside of the post just below the railing cap, second paragraph, so its skinniest side is flush with the underside of the handrail cap wood. As another piece of the railing to go on the 6-inch mark on each item. It must match the length of the handrail, or the length of the two positions. Then nails for the outside of the posts on the 6-inch points. Sanding the edges of your exterior stair railings until smooth and paint.

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