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Grouting kitchen backsplash – Intricate cuts for a tile installation is enough to give anyone a headache. But there is no reason to call a professional installer. Although some cuts can not be avoid. Like working around electrical outlets, many cuts are optional, if you work creatively. Measure with a tape measure and then transfer dimensions to graph paper to start planning. Use unconventional ideas to make your backsplash a custom job.

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Space grout lines sightly thicker than normal. Which is effective when covering a wide grouting kitchen backsplash area because small increases add up. Regulate distance by inserting coins that are on edge between tiles. Add more until you reach desired thickness. Do not extend grout lines more than 1/4 inch to prevent chipping and then failing joints. Although nonsanded grout is traditional choice for wall tiles, use sanded grout for extra strength is need for grout lines wider than 1/16 inch, explains home time.

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Eliminate tile cuts completely by installing an alternate grouting kitchen backsplash. Brilliant copper and stainless steel is available through metal distributors in cut-to-order sheet. They require only adhesive, and a hand-held roller to install. Textured metal is also available in sheet or squares. Plastic tiles are manufacture in a variety of colors and faux patinas. Convincing mimics fashioned pressed tin ceiling tiles and installing with glue or nails.

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