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Metal Stair Nosing – Finishing the front edge of the ladder is crucial to the overall appearance of the ladders. Installing staircase nose moldings is one of the most important parts of making stairs look good and work properly. Molding is available in plastic, metal, and wood. A metal cutting blade can be used in both metal and plastic, and a wood cutting blade should be used in wood molding. Measure the distance from one side of a stage to the other.

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Cut the end of the metal stair nosing molding of the ladder with a miter saw to secure a cut square end from which to measure. Place the end of the measuring tape on the square cut end of the mold and mark it according to the width of the step. Cut the mold with the miter. Make a 1-inch mark on each end of the mold. Measure from one end of the nose mold part of the ladder and make marks every 6 inches.

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Since the majority of molded metal stair nosing hangs over the front edge of the step, be sure the marks are far enough from the front edge of the mold that the nails will fix it to step. Drill pilot holes in the marks with a 1/16-inch drill bit. Drill the top of the mold to the chips that are produce due to the perforation are locating at the bottom of the mold.

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