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Frosted Glass Doors For Kitchen Cabinets – Cabinets that are all the same color and texture can create a monotonous appearance for the bathroom, dining room or kitchen. Installing new cabinets or existing cabinets is expensive and time-consuming. Replacing a cabinet door with frosted glass updates the decor, adds color to the objects on the shelves behind the glass and breaks the appearance of wood. Open the cabinet door by unscrewing the hinge screws with the appropriate screwdriver.

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Put the screws and hinges in a zip lock bag so you do not lose them. Position the cabinet door on a flat surface. Many doors have a wood insert. Drill a small hole in each corner of the insert. Put the door under a puzzle sheet. Insert the puzzle into one of the holes. Cut the inside of the wood out by going from drill hole to drill a hole in a straight line, leaving the structure intact. Lay the frosted glass on the inside of the frosted glass doors for kitchen cabinets frame. Mark where each glass holder or mirror will be attach to a pencil. Remove the glass panel.

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Drill into the markings and attach the brackets to the back of the interior of the frame. Exactly how to do this depends on the type of media. Follow package directions. Frosted glass doors for kitchen cabinets allows the colors of what is stored in the cabinet to show through. Keep that in mind when placing objects on the shelves.

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