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Garage closet storage – When your eyes are bigger than your storage, eventually you run out of space in your closet. Rather than cramming your belongings in the other rooms, or get stuck in the closet space reserved for guests, consider converting your garage closet storage. The garage is without a doubt one of the largest rooms in the house. With careful renovation, it can be just as comfortable, warm and well-lit as any other room.

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Contact local authorities, perhaps your local homeowners association, to establish the rules and regulations regarding the renovation.  Clear garage. If you are going to convert it into garage closet storage, you must make sure that everything in the way is packed, sold or given away. It might be a good time to hold a garage sale; the money you earn can get started on your closet conversion.

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Clean the area thoroughly. Garages are breeding grounds for spiders, mice and other kinds of creeping, crawling things that seek refuge and respite from the cold. Use all your resources: buckets, hoses, rags and disinfectant cleaners. Conduct proper installation of electricity, heating and cooling required maximizing the performance and comfort of the space.

Install shelves you want for your garage closet storage. Make sure you do not just install enough shelves for clothes and shoes that you currently have, but that you leave enough room for the clothes you are likely to buy, now that you have room for a lot garage to use as a closet.

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