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Spare garage storage – In many homes garage is used as a catch-all for tools, sporting goods, and home supplies. To curtail chaos in your garage, you can build homemade storage systems designed to keep all sorts of different topics. When planning, consider storage device that will protect your vehicles and make most of unused wall and ceiling space. Small tools are some of major contributors to clutter in a garage. Make a board that can arrange tools various sizes using a pegboard and hooks.

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You can put tools on board spare garage storage .And pull outlines to give you an idea of where to place hooks and allow an additional open section of unexpected uses. As you select corners, look for opportunities that will support weight of your tools without tearing pegboard. Board should be place on a wall that is easily accessible, but not too close to your vehicle to prevent damage in case tools slide.

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By installing simple ceiling hooks, you can set up spare garage storage that will make use of unused space near top of your garage. Hooks can be use to hang bikes. Keep them safe and out of way during winter. And can keep sleds during summer. Use hooks combined with canvas straps with ratchet closures to ensure kayaks, canoes. And also surfboards to ceiling in garage, where they will be safe from harm.

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