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Glass balcony railing – In its design, any element influences: pavements, coverings, furniture, decoration, vegetation and, lastly, one of the indispensable, the railing. The main function of this piece is safety, so it goes without saying that in the first instance its strength and durability should influence our choice. Once your stability is assured, what design do we want? Today in this book of ideas we present an ideal solution to break borders: glass railings and glazing for balconies.

Posted on November 2, 2017 Railing

It has been try that the terrace mimetic with the garden and the surrounding landscape. For this, we have chosen a design that integrates the stone. And a transparent glass balcony railing that does not limit the space. It is only grip by its bottom. So no upright or crossbar breaks its perfect clarity.

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The glazing of balconies is a common practice when you want to integrate this space in the interior of the house. Sometimes because its size is too big. Or we just need a few more indoors we opted to close these outdoor spaces that enjoy unbeatable views. This is the case of the example that we present in this photograph. Where part of the terrace has been close with a transparent glass balcony railing partition.

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