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Iron porch railing – Not necessarily the rail must accompany to-do the stretch of the ladder. If you lean towards minimalism, protect only the steps whose height you consider dangerous with the railing of your choice. This way you achieve an interesting asymmetry. And little seen in this type of elements. Stairs in small spaces are a topic that must be work with care. To take advantage of every available square meter. Then make your railing a solid and multi functional element that combines uses . Such as shelves, entertainment furniture, and even the fireplace!

Posted on October 27, 2017 Railing

Again another glass and iron porch railing surprises us with a larger scale design. Whether lining the ladder completely in a glass box or creating a central panel. This option looks impressive and light thanks to the visual permeability of the glass. Being able to dye it or accompany it with lights according to the design guidelines.

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Let your imagination run wild and forget the typical horizontal or vertical iron porch railing. Create your own pattern using the material of your choice. In this way, you will have a piece of modern. And also abstract art that decorates and adds protection to the staircase. Finally, we show you a very radical example: Without guardrails! In this case, the ladder is not completely unprotected. Having on one side a concrete wall as it acts as a support for the spectacular individual and floating steps.

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