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Balcony railing planter can see clearly and came without any decoration or color. Using planters on your railings can not only illuminate them, but expand your space for gardening. Seasonal flowers can be planted, but also vegetables, turning your balcony into an urban grad. Planters can also be used to keep seasonal decorations when the weather turns and they cannot be used for live plants anymore. Mix up your planters with flowers and plants of various sizes and heights to create interest and depth to your new landscape.

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Buy a special balcony railing planter. These planets split the lower half so that they can hang right on the railing without any special hardware – and show off your flowers on both sides of the rail. Drilling small holes about 1 cm along one side of a regular plastic pot. If your railings are wood, you can hang it from a nail or hook you install the wood. If it’s metal, buy an “S” hook that will go over the side and stick to the pot. Use a rectangular balcony railing planter which will either with, or can be attached to, a railing bracket. These brackets attach with screws to the planter, and then relax over the railing. Attach planter you have chosen to the railing.

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