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Rohl bridge kitchen faucet – Suppose we have a sink placed in the kitchen under a window with leaves. Or that we would like to install it there. It is very nice to do the dishes looking out the window. And receiving natural light, but perhaps we cannot easily open the window if the tap that we place in front of it is very high.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Kitchen Faucets

Ramon Soler offers us a very interesting solution to solve precisely this problem. It is a rohl bridge kitchen faucet with rotating. And folding spout that constitutes a perfect solution to be able to open. And also close the window comfortably. The pipe is mount on a hinged base that allows to rotate it forwards. Thus freeing the passage. Not only is it a faucet with excellent functionality, but also presents a minimalist aesthetic, simple but classy. You know that many times less is more and that simplicity and luxury often go hand in hand.

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It is a faucet that filters and purifies the water directly from the pipe. The rohl bridge kitchen faucet has two outlets and two controls, for running and also purified water respectively. It is a kitchen faucet with a very current design, ergonomic and with high quality standards. And even has an incorporated aerator that allows efficient water saving without loss of comfort. In case you are interest in something like this. I will tell you that its price is about 140 Euros.

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