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Stair grips – Deck railings can serve as decoration and also improve the safety of people walking down the stairs. This project does not require a lot of woodworking expertise. The handrails can be as nice or as bare as you want. Make sure you have the right tools before you start work. You will work outdoors, so you want to install railings on a day that has good weather. Measuring the circumference of the tire with a tape. Write down the specific measurement of each side of the tire. Dual measurement of your girth. This is how much wood you need for the railings.

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Add stair grips, cut wood railings with a saw. Cut enough wood to be exactly equal to each side of the tire. Repeat this step so that you have enough wood for the base of the rails and the top of the railing. Add your bottom rails along the perimeter of the deck. Hammer a nail every 6 inches so bottom rail is secured to the floor of the deck. Drill holes each 8 inches. Each hole should be ½ inch diameter and 1 inch deep. This is where you will attach your spiders.

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Install stair grips, use wood glue into the holes and slide a spider in it. Does a lot of pressure when pressing the spiders. Repeat this until you have inserted all the spiders. Please wait 12 hours for the glue to dry.  Add the top railing of the wooden spindles. With the nail and hammer, attach the top rail by inserting nails through the upper railing at the tips of the spindles. Start on one side of the tire, and work your way around until all the railings and spindles are attached.

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