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Herringbone stair runner are long, thin pieces of carpet install all the way down the length of a staircase. Stair runners serves several purposes, one of which is to add a decorative element in the home’s interior. In addition, runners placed in the main walkway to protect the stairs from damage and wear. You can install your own stair runners but special attention is paid to secure it properly. Placing a measuring tape on one side of the stair runners and measure the width. Subtract 1 inch from the measurements.

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Cut parts of the attack less bandwidth you set herringbone stair runner. You need a thank you tired strip of each staircase. To cut the tape, simply measure it with a tape measure and cut it with sheet metal snips. Divide the width of each attack less strip in half to find the center and draw a line on it with a marker. Then place the tape measure over the entire length of each staircase and divide the width in half to find the center. Draw a line down the middle of the stairs with the cursor.

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Herringbone stair runner, place an attack less strip on the lower steps of the small tacks facing away from you. The center line of the cursor on it with the cursor line on the stairs. Move strip back until it is one inch from the back of the stairs. Hammer in nails on top of the strip to protect it in place.

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