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Closet Under Stairs – When storage space in a privileged place, you have to take advantage of every corner. This is including open space under the stairs. If your home does not have an elegant wardrobe, you can fill in the irregular shelves and drawers. This is the basic furniture to help you control the mess and invisible.

Posted on October 28, 2017 Stairs

The space under the stairs was not very helpful. If you do not use it, you may end up with negative space that does not mean. It may become a place to stay for pests, or a valley where the goods stacked randomly can be forgotten forever.  If you have the time and talent to build your own shelf – or money to hire someone else – you can install a complete closet under stairs. You can include with drawer pull on the road plus a shelf and a special door, down the stairs.

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For a more affordable solution, purchase and tend to deliberately storage. Put higher cubicle on one side – to take advantage of the space under the stairs for you better. Do not forget to install it on the storage warehouse wall. That’s all the idea about closet under stairs we can share for you. We hope you get useful idea from this.


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