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Long kitchen faucet – The kitchen faucets are a fundamental element when we carry out a reform. And although at first we all look the same. The fact is that there are multitude of points to take into account when deciding for one or the other model. The first thing we have to control, before installing any type of faucet. It is if the water pressure in our house works properly. I.e. if the pressure of our flow is between 1 and 3 bars.

Posted on October 21, 2017 Kitchen Faucets

More than our tastes, technical factors come into play here: type of opening, type of pipe, place of installation, consumption, maintenance. It sounds complicated, but do not panic. The long kitchen faucet can be install on the countertop or wall. Although the latter is increasingly rare. But if we are renovating an old house with such an installation it is important that you take into account the width of the water intakes.

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Long Kitchen FaucetSize: 1500 x 1500

Then you will have to choose a faucet model that fits this measure. The most frequent thing, therefore, is that the long kitchen faucet is place in the sink or the countertop. If you have two batteries put it in the middle. So you can use it indistinctly on one side.

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