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Installations Outdoor Non Slip Stair Treads – There comes a time in everyone’s life when they experience someone they love falling down the stairs. This is a terrifying time and could really end up hurting. What should make you even angrier is that it is something that could have been prevent. For the best installation, you will need a marker, a utility knife, a tape measure, epoxy, a metal edge, contact adhesive and a roller. This sounds like a large expense but it is cheaper than hiring someone to do it and you can use these things for other DIY jobs if you have some left over.

Posted on November 3, 2017 Stairs

So, you have all the equipment for install outdoor non slip stair treads and now you have to measure the stairs. Once you have the measurements, draw them out and cut on the back of each tread and then place them on the matching stair, otherwise you are going to get mix up. Now comes the cutting. You will want to use the utility knife and the metal edge for this. Put the metal edge against the marking and then cut in a straight line with the knife. Do not move the metal edge until you have finished because you may have uneven cut. Once you have done the cut, have a dry run and see if it matches the stair and then you can easily make changes if it is wrong.

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When you come to install outdoor non slip stair treads with the epoxy, you should start at the top and work downwards that way you are not messing with the work that you have already done. For the installation, apply the epoxy and then start at the tip of the step and work your way inwards making sure the tread is firmly in place. You can use the roller here to make sure the tread is flat and there are no air bubbles, it is similar to how you would apply wallpaper with a roller.

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You will want to apply further contact adhesive, especially if you have chosen the outdoor non slip stair treads plastic. Apply it to the back of the tread, on the section that is against the rise of the next step. Once you have stuck the back down again, you might want to reuse the roller to make sure if is flat. Now, your job will be done and you will need to give the stairs a few hours to make sure they are dry.

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