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Graff kitchen faucets – Do you know where to put the faucet and how to connect the pipes of the sink of the general network? Installing the kitchen faucet and pipes will not be difficult for you to follow the next steps. The faucet installation mechanism is similar regardless of the variety of faucets. Turn the sink and drill a small hole in the place where you will install the faucet, which will guide you to make a bigger one. There are models that have already made the hole where to install the faucet.

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Install graff kitchen faucets, place the sink in its original position and open a larger hole with a corona bit. The hole should have a cutting diameter that matches the size of the faucet. Then, turn the sink and place the drain plug. Join the rest of elements (elbows and pipes). The drain plug is usually attached to the sink by a screw. Place the sink in the recess of the hob and place the faucet. You should probably put them together in the hole in the sink, and, depending on the model, a nut that will secure it.

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And then, attach the two tap hoses to the water inlet ducts. Also place the joints in order: cold with cold and hot with hot. Viewed frontally, the right conduit is for cold water and the left for hot water. Then, connect the sink pipes to the mains. The pipe coming out of the sink must attached to the general drain of the building. Use PVC glue to attach the last tub of the sink to which it protrudes from the wall. Finally, apply a silicone cord around the sink to prevent seepage of water.

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