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Stair Banisters – Installing a wooden railing on the stairs can add an elegant touch while providing the necessary security. Varnishing or painting the railing can add definition or visual contrast to the steps. This is a quick project that can be done by one or two people and avoids the danger of stumbling or falling on stairs. Stair rails come in a variety of styles to match the decor, and all you need are basic paint and carpentry skills to make your stairway move safely.

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Start by measuring and marking the location of the stair banisters. Generally, handrails are placed 86-91 cm above the steps, unless you have special reasons to adjust the location for an older and fragile or extremely tall person depending on the handrail to lean. Mark the wall at the height provided for the handrail, starting above the first step below. Then one or two steps in the middle and then the step up. Using a measuring tape or measuring stick, connect these marks by drawing a straight line with a pencil.

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Sand the handrail thoroughly, first with medium-grain sandpaper, and then with fine-grained sandpaper. Softness is essential in stair banisters, especially if they are to be used as a support. Sand the bottom of the handrail in addition to the top. Remove sanding residue with paper towels or damp clothes.

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