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Kitchen patio door curtains are both comfortable and attractive, and allow freedom of movement in and out of the home and maximum daylight. You can add curtains to the patio door to preserve your privacy and to add to the decor of your home. Consider a few options to decorate your patio door with curtains before taking the plunge.

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Look at your kitchen patio door curtains. The type of door you have will determine what type of curtain rod that you can use. For example, a metal door requires a magnetic curtain rod while a wooden door; you can screw the curtain rod holders. If your patio door has a recessed window pane. And you can probably use a spring-loaded tension rod to cover the window. A sliding patio door requires over-the-door fittings. Decide where you want your curtains. You will get a different look if you hang the curtain rod over the patio doors than you would if you only cover the glass door. So determine how large a presence in the room you want your patio door have.

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Buy your hardware. For a big, dramatic look you need fancy hardware that hangs on the wall of the patio door. This will give it a more window look. For the kitchen patio door curtains or a casual look, use less intrusive hardware that can be attached directly to the door. Then choose your curtains. For a dramatic look choose the heavy velvet or faux velvet drapes in a dark burgundy or other deep color. Assemble.

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