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Living room storage ottoman is good for extra seating during parties and also serves as a place to rest your feet at the end of a hard day. They can also provide a small workspace or table for a snack tray or laptop. Best of all, a tailor living room storage ottoman. And because you do it yourself, you can match or complement your existing furniture as well.

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Before you add the 12-inch-by-17-inch boards into putting glue on each long side, but not the upper or lower edge yet. Secure the box with the band clamp. Put glue around the upper edge of the box and the position of an 18-by-24-inch board on top, flush on all sides. Insert three screws on each side through the bottom and the sides.

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Attach the long sides to the short sides of the living room storage ottoman using two screws at each corner. Remove the jumper clip after the glue dries overnight. Wrap the padding around the sides of the box and staple the batting to the bottom of the box and around the inside edge. Trim excess batting.

Hold the loose ends together with your fingers and pin the material leaves enough room to pull the material out of the box. Sew down the pin line on a sewing machine. Turn the material right side out and slide back over the batting on the ottoman. Trim excess batting. Place the batting of the ottoman top, turning over the entire top and adhere the material on the underside of the lid. Secure the boards with two screws to the top. These bars prevent the top from sliding.

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