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Locker Room Benches with Storage – Back here! Today I want to tell you a little about the benches or benches in the decoration. In many occasions we see them somewhat uncomfortable for that reason that we cannot support the back in them. But we always have the option to place them on a wall of the locker room.

Posted on October 20, 2017 Storage Ottoman

Based on this form for sure we will be more practical with the locker room benches with storage. In addition, it is a type of furniture very practical and functional. Since we can make it have a storage area under it, either leaving it closed and make your seat is folding. And leaving a spice of drawers seen under it, with storage baskets.

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And as for its location at home, we can make it hollow in any stay. As a bench next to the dining room table, in the hall, in any bedroom, next to a fireplace. We can create a work bench and make it to our measure. With the desired finishes, or we can also buy them finished. As you can see, a practical, simple and nice piece of furniture that can help us solve storage problems. I leave you with some image of locker room benches with storage.

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