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Luxury kitchen faucet brands – one of element to keep in mind is the type of control that we prefer for our tap. There are two different types of faucets depending on this factor. Single-handle faucets: with one lever, we regulate the temperature and quantity of water. The control unit can be place on one side as well as on the front of the faucet.

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Bimandos taps: are those that have a handle for cold water and another for hot. It was the most common in the past, although more. and more it is being replaced by the single-lever. However, there are still large designs of luxury kitchen faucet brands that separate the cold water from the hot water. Such as this faucet full of luxury, with Swarovski crystals embedded in the controls.

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And when deciding the type of luxury kitchen faucet brands pipe that we prefer we must always take into account the distribution of the kitchen. And the characteristics of this. A tall or vertical pipe has many advantages when scrubbing or filling a bottle since it provides a lot of space in the sink, but also splashes more and is not very suitable if we have a window behind that opens inwards. In that case it will be better to install a horizontal or low pipe.

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