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Metal stair railings – the staircase can be our great ally when choosing a trend. Because to put a design consistent with the rest will be an avant-garde and unique detail. But this time we will not focus on the ladder in general. But on one of its most vital additions. The railing, a line that not only influences the appearance of the ladder in general. But also the safety it will offer the inhabitants to use it.

Posted on October 26, 2017 Railing

If your ladder is divide into several sectors or has asymmetrical shapes when climbing. An innovative idea is to protect only the top with metal stair railings. As it not only saves material and work but also looks creative and different. Then Glass railings are a trend of the modern style. And these results from the mental association that is create to see it with minimalism, prestige and sobriety. Its translucent and smooth presentation wills elegantly lining your staircase instantly.

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Metal Stair RailingsSize: 1271 x 933

We love the look of the combination of different materials. And textures for any space (with fair, clear consistency), and on the railings of a stairway is no exception. For the image, the professionals chose a mixture between wood and metal stair railings that gives an unmissable result between industrial and warm.

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