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Modern spiral staircase – Spiral staircase can be the best choice if you are thinking of making use of that dusty attic now you’re collecting old junk. Spiral staircase occupies very little space on the floor and does not require a huge hole in the ceiling. They can store in even the smallest spaces, such as the unused cupboard. With a little imagination and a spiral staircase that is good. You can make a great space for your child to the oldest, or studio art for you. The spiral staircase is widely use in many old castles in Europe to reach the top of the tower. They make of local stone and building great mathematical knowledge required to do it well. Artisans who know how to build them are in great demand.

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Churches and cathedrals are also often refer to the modern spiral staircase, to reach the top level gallery or the chorus. They are often make from wood and decorat extensively. There are many beautiful examples of stairs in the churches of the old Europe as Loretto Chapel in France. The spiral is one of the favorites of many of the famous architects of Gaudi to Corbusier. Some interest snail staircases can find in a lighthouse or even in giant silos and storage tanks.

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Modern spiral staircase use in and outside the home or space industry. Its use is increase at this time is the result of the need for more space for contemporary families, such as the fomentation unused penthouse. On the other hand, modern spaces such as lofts and galleries also tend to use a spiral, but rather as a modern sculpture or architectural features.

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