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Modern storage bed frame – Storage is a problem in many bedrooms, especially in small rooms. When you’re facing increasing storage space in your room, consider how to work creative design and interior design to create a system that is both attractive and functional. In a small room, replace the bed frame and headboard with a platform bed that can double as a storage system. Before putting your mattress on the platform, save ugly items and things you do not use often on the inside.

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Beds that have a large space under the frame offer a good place to build a modern storage bed frame unit. Slide-out drawers are the easiest to access and make a place to hold off season clothes, shoes or extra blankets. Many large-bedded beds offer these types of under-bed storage drawers.

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For extra storage, buy a bed with drawers below or add trays under the bed. IKEA and several other furniture retailers sell drawers of this kind. The drawers attach the underside of your bed frame, keeping the drawers sliding or moving with a frequent use. And then a typical bed has space for two drawers located side by side. And some have enough room to stack drawers on top of each other. Use the drawers to save the items you need everyday but do not have room for. Or just use the space for extra modern storage bed frame.

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