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Professional kitchen faucets – Moen offers a wide range of sinks, bathroom, and kitchen and shower faucets. Moen professional kitchen faucets allow homeowners to have a tap that matches their style. While providing an adequate flow of water when necessary. When you notice you’re of professional Moen kitchen faucet has a leak, replace the seals (O-ring). Changing the seals it can be done with minimal tools and leaves you with a no-spill, working faucet.

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While Moen professional kitchen faucets with a side sprayer have a diverter for distributing the water to the sprayer. When the sprayer is not always enough water pressure, the diverter requires cleaning or replacement. Sediment accumulates inside the diverter. Causing the water pressure to fall into the sprayer. Removing a professional Moen kitchen faucet diverter depends on what type of faucet that you own. The diverter valve in a two knobs resembles a faucet cartridge. Single handle faucet switches are much smaller and attack through the front of the diverter housing.

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Diverter valve paths water from one location to another. Although diverter valves are most commonly using in bath / shower combinations, they can also found in some tap assemblies kitchen. When used in a sink, the diverter valve moves to the flow of water from the mouth of the Moen professional kitchen faucets at the sink sprayer. Over time, the diverter valve can become clogged with mineral deposits and other debris left by water. The result is a sink sprayer that produces little, if any, water. Fortunately, the repair of the switch fouled takes only minutes.

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