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Movable stairs – In most workplaces, ladders of different types are use either to access a second floor or to facilitate work at a certain height. Highlights include, among others, fixed and portable. The latter are divide in turn into double and extension stairs. For fixed ladders the following concepts describe in Covenin 2245-90 on stair parts must be take into account.

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Footprint: horizontal plane of a step. Which allows to support the foot to raise or lower from one level to another, indicates the width of the step. Raise: vertical plane of a step, indicating the height of the step. Frequent misuse of movable stairs or the use of stairs in bad condition (deteriorated) is the cause of serious accidents. The following are the most common risks people can avoid when using ladders.

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Fixed ladders should be avoid: slippery or sloping steps, lack of railing or loose railing. Also too long ladder without breaks, obstacles or debris that may impair its use. On movable stairs ladders you should avoid loose, broken or non-existent stretches, use ladders without anti-slip feet. You should support on uneven surfaces, incline the ladder outside the recommended limits, pass from the third-last leg to work. On the other hand the user should avoid the following: very fast or distracted, use incorrect shoes, keep both hands occupied.

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