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Santa Fe staircase – In Santa Fe, there since the mid-1800s a church built in the Lorettosystrarna there. When the church was completed, it became clear that overlooked an important detail (fully Mulle Meck’s spirit to you with small children). The church was too small to build a common staircase, according to the entire local carpenter who was hired instead referred the sisters to use a ladder.

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The sisters asked a nine-day novena to the carpenter, St. Joseph. The ninth day a man came and knocked and said he could build a Santa Fe staircase to the sisters. According to the legend that was built stairs for 6 months. There are three things with stairs that make it special. First, you do not know who the carpenter who did the work was. He appeared out of nowhere and when the work was finished so he disappeared without pay for the work.

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Secondly, the Santa Fe staircase built in a most ingenious way. It makes two 360-degree turns without any visible support. There are simply no bearing elements. Furthermore, said steps being built entirely without nails or glue, but must be held together only with wooden pegs. Finally, you do not know where the wood to the stairs may have come. Such wood is not available in the region. Whether it’s a miracle or not, must each decide, but an impressive answer to prayer, it is well.

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