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Country style curtains for kitchens – There’s nothing to tell home to go into the kitchen with ruffled country style curtains adorn the window. They can definitely give a window that homey feel. To buy curtains can be expensive and you may not always find what you want. Instead of the hassle of shopping and ending up with something you do not really want, make your own. Country style curtains are not that hard to do. You just need to know the basics of running a sewing machine and in no time you’ll have your own ruffled curtains hanging in the window.

Posted on November 11, 2017 Kitchen Curtains

Measures to make ruffled country style curtains for kitchens, measure the area of ​​your window curtains will cover. Need width and length of the window. Now that you have these measurements, dual measurement of the width. This gives you measure how much fabric you need.  Purchased the fabric you want to make your curtains. Most country curtains are made of cotton, which is easy to clean, cheap and quite durable.

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Make country style curtains for kitchens, then cut out your curtain panels and valance. If your fabric is not long enough for a long cloak piece, sew equal parts together in the middle of the valance. And then you will never be able to see the joint ruffles and fullness, for the valance has hung. Then turn the edges of your curtain panels to the inside of the fabric about 1/4 inches.

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